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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  September 16, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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look at her go. >> boy, she looks good. >> yes, plus who sat front row at the show? and why philly fans might be little upset about the muse take was playing. >> here is the story of the day. failed date here in philadelphia turns into a nightmare for one local guy. the date walked out on him, but she had his sunglasses, in her purse. he texted her every day for one year to get the glasses back. we have an update. >> plus, sophia talks wedding plans, why she says she's not having any bridesmaids, because that's going to be torture. >> they are a beautiful couple. my goodness. >> they are. >> they are. makes me sick. >> we're waiting for your engagement photos, mike. >> maybe that's what the big announcement is. it does involve a woman? >> woman of the night? >> no, no. the clue is not of the night. just night. >> just night. okay. so woman night. >> yes. >> all right. >> hey talking about the big
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announcement, just joined us at 6:00 we started this, sioux clues, after blue clues, popular show for kids. so, our a knowledgesment is about tv, okay, the night, it is a person, and the person is a woman. >> so do you have be clear here, so you don't confuse the words. coming up the final clue, it will be a little built later in the showment okay, coming soon to facebook, button lets you express emotions beyond the iconic thumbs-up. always liking things. use verse been asking for one ever since the social network came out with it iconic like button. that will was in 2009 now. >> wow. six years ago. >> so, ceo mark zuckerberg says the company is working on it, but didn't give time line on when it will be integrated into the site. so we don't know when you will get to use t but zuckerberg said the site didn't immediately include dislike button because they wanted to avoid becoming a red-it style website of up and down vote willing items. he realizes that people aren't trying to down vote each other
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with this casino of button, but just want to express other feelings besides just liking all the time. >> where you run into trouble is when somebody announces oh, my mom died. >> yes. >> and then you hit like. who say that i acknowledged your message, i got it, i feel sorry for you. >> but it is not alike recall post. or someone i just lost my job. you don't want to like. that will so not thumbs down per say but some type of maybe like emoji that give us a chance to express feeling sorry for you, that stinks. >> tear. >> okay. >> i think original idea, he didn't want to have hateful people yelling at each other. >> we know enough that far on facebook. >> and real life. >> all right, so serena williams, has had clothing line for years, but upped it. she debuted her new collection at the new york fashion week. which end tomorrow, matter of fact. back if the day she was dating
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whom? then dated drink foray while? >> yes, that ended. >> but then now rebound. or re psych. >> i rekindle. >> re kind some good. >> drake is back. so tell by what happened last night. >> walking the catwalk this this black, friend such in. >> can you take that down? look at the fringe, isn't that noise looking out submit. >> it is very nice. so, she was showing off her spring line, so there is lot of fringe, swayed, two big trends this season, the show aired live on the home shopping network. >> drake. >> drake. >> but here is the other thing, models were walk the catwalk during the show, and you have to have that fashion music, like this time it was drake's dis record. >> i wonder if it was charged up? >> why not just pick another drake song? really, you got to do --
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>> maybe he asked her to use it? >> and that is kind of the hot song out right now. >> sure is. >> when you are dis song becomes their rotating it on the radio. >> they are? >> bad. >> when we in wildwood the other week a little kid wearing a shirt that said charged up. she said you know your song is big if you have little kids with the song title ton. >> so hey, kit cat decline clinic in the control room, do we have any pictures of them together that you have seen? >> "tmz", they tweeted out photo apparently, because at first they've been hiding it, show up together, lever together. but they kiss in the public. >> what? >> i think he kissed her hand, but still affection. show of affection, pda. so really hang. >> most of the pictures because she was on the catwalk on tour, whispering, talking, laughing. >> he is very supportive. going to her matches and stuff, and people didn't want him there. >> there you go. >> there we go. the kiss. he kissed her hand. >> oh. >> oh, he is such a gentleman. >> isn't he, though?
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>> he is sporting her. that's lovely. >> it is great. >> does that mean we will see her at all of the concerts? >> i just want to see the concert -- >> what are they talking about? >> so i understand you started at the bottom, and now you're here. >> you know i'm charged up. >> ya. >> okay. modern day family star sophia, is gearing up for her wedding, lauren, tell me about it. >> yes, i have been a bridesmaid one too many times. >> how many times? >> oh, i would say if i could guess. >> ten? >> twelve. >> twelve time. she's not going to use any bridesmaids, she says, her wedding is just going to have flower girls and ring boy. because that's the tradition in latin america. so she is originally from columbia, a trying to determine who would be a bridesmaid, is it going to be complete nightmare. so she won't do it. >> so she is marrying fellow actor, joe, and says, that they will have a traditional wedding with 400 guests, that's a lot of people at a wedding. >> i had 500 people at my first wedding. >> what? >> i was talking with my
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trainer the other day. he said he went to a wedding they had 600 guests but people so excite that 900 people showed up. can you imagine? that's like the entire neighborhood, the whole like -- >> i married the mayor's daughter. >> oh,. >> in kansas, so he had to invite everybody. >> oh, fancy. huge wedding. i through she won't make the bridesmaid buy the dress, travel, hair, too much. >> is she having bridesmaid? don't have to do all that tough. >> like i had this discussion before, you have your friend, you have listed them, you're like who do i choose? i have known her longer but we're better friend. just too much. >> when it comes to bridesmaids, come up recently two, friends who will be bridesmaids in a weddingment one of them just has this cute, you know? >> so cute. >> she has this new different colors in it. and the brides are like do you have change your hair. like i want that fixed. i want you to change the color. one of my other friends is in a wedding. she having to redo her hair as well. >> no. >> yes. she likes it, and the bride is nope, i want it this way. >> oh, really? >> i never heard of it.
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>> , no either you like me or you like my hair. like you like me with my hair or you don't want me in your wedding. >> maybe they don't want something distracting for photos or something? all of the attention needs to be on the bride. >> i'm in a wedding, they've having the groomsmen shave their heads. >> no. >> school back in session, a few of you reached out, specially parent, saying my kid just has hard time getting up. have quincy come back, and blow a horn in the bedroom or something, or wake them up. so he did it this morning. >> in new jersey. >> in sewell, new jersey, and i have to tell you, everybody's okay. sometimes these things go a rye. >> here we go. >> okay, come on. okay? >> oh, my gosh, they're creeping up the stairs. okay? here we go. >> wake up. how are you doing anthony?
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wake up. wake up. >> don't. >> he doesn't want to be -- hey, wake up. anthony, wake up. >> oh. >> no. >> we're leaving his room. >> okay? >> okay? >> he assaulted me. i feel like jeff cole. okay? (scream heard). >> hey, wake up. how are you doing? >> no. >> how are you doing? >> stop. >> they want us to stop. the kids are terrified. they're terrified. we just -- we're trying to wake them up. she doesn't want -- >> please get out. stop. >> i don't know. >> i don't know either, quincy. we might want to rethink this segment. maybe we should just do teens or young adult. >> because the little kids get frighten. they're what, ten and six? we'll work on that segment.
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>> if you have suggestions tweet us. >> somebody tweeted me they want us to wake up her husband. >> that's okay too. >> that could be dangerous. >> i don't know if that's a good idea. >> oh, she'll get all of the weapons out of the house. >> that's the thing. >> the wives or the husbands take care of that stuff. it will be fine. >> hey a lot of people on line talking about a story involving a local guy. missing pair of sunglasses. and a year of texting to get them back. here's the story. ♪ >> this is the story of alex and anna. and a pair of sunglasses. thirty year old alec, and 29 year old anna, on a first date in philadelphia. as the couple enters a bar it meet one his birdies, alex asks anna police hold my sun glasses in your purse. she says fine. cut to later in the evening. when she realizes this date is not for her. she abruptly leaves the bar, goes home? sunglasses, still in her purse. next day alex test cents ann a getting back my sunglasses.
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no response. next day, next text. give me back my sunglasses. no response. next day, next text. glasses? >> no response there is goes on for one year yes, one year, text after text. >> first alex is home. then turns up the heat and humor with his text. example. november 17th. guess what today is? my birthday. if you haven't gotten me anything, may i shug maybe a now pair of sunglasses? >> december the first. hope awed nice thanksgiving. mine was kind of weird. every year we go around the table and say what we're thankful for. >> this year, first year, i didn't say my sunglasses, because i still don't have them. you get the idea? if texts weren't enough, started sending pictures. >> this has gone on again for one year. so where are the sunglasses? >> al sex here. in studio. good to see you, my man. >> hype, aling. >> thanks for having me. >> alex sandwich going on here. so where are the sunglasses?
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>> i guess they've been thrown out? she -- i saw yesterday that she finally responded. >> you red it? >> it said she's had this long story about what happened, and she had moved to san francisco, through them out on the way. >> you say long story. you don't believe? >> what she said was mostly true. >> can you read that, my eyes, i don't have my sunglasses. >> oh, my gosh, i googled this address. alex, sunglasses left in my purse. want them back. got it. here is the real deal. i moved to san francisco in january. the sunglasses got out on top of my fridge after i found them in my purse. months, weeks later i pick them up, moved across count retirement unfortunately i don't know what happened to your beloved sunglasses, i send tearily apologize for this inconvenience. >> so what casino of glasses, do you except that? >> yes. that's trowel. >> are you just joking around?
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>> after the first month, it became a joke. i would tech to my friend, like a fun thing to be doing. >> were they real good glasses? >> no. they probably cost me $10. >> so what are your friends saying like -- >> they were actually getting into it, a loft images i was sending, sent from other people. >> the one where i had a jenning a block where it said stealing sunglasses gentleman joke. it was a girl holing it. clearly not me. i don't know if you guys have that one. >> you're mobile i one is good too. >> yes, some people saw it as a threatment it was a joke. >> were you ever worried at one point, wait, if she were to see all of these, she might think i'm creepy? >> i was hoping it was all just like good fun. like we were having. >> because it is a yep, long time. >> i know. and she said she responded there were so many other ways to contact her. that wasn't really the point. >> you didn't really want the sun glasses in. >> what's the point? i was just having fun. >> i love this one.
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>> i don't always wear sunglasses. because i don't have them any more. >> so whatever happened to anna? she used to live here. >> i guess she apparently moved to san francisco. >> slutly -- on the phone with us now. anna? >> oh, no. >> welcome to "good day" philadelphia. what would you like to say to al next. >> i guess, well, i just found out about all of this a day or two ago when you guys contacted me. so i wasn't really aware of everything that was going on. and i casino of looked through some of the news stories, and i'm like i do have to say, reading the text messages, on line, they were funny. i didn't get through all 40. but they were funny. they were funny. i had blocked your number, like immediately when i walked out of the bar. >> that's what i picked. >> so i actually didn't
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receive any of the hilarious hilariousness until i somehow got a text message from your temple e-mail address. that will one came through, the one i responded to. misconception on line. but i received them all year, and then didn't respond until i was telling you i was getting in philly the following week. >> did you get together then? >> no, we didn't. i did send her a text to maybe, but that didn't work out. but that's fine. >> anna, what went wrong that night on the date? why did you just get up and leave? >> i mean, i think, ya, i -- >> you weren't feeling it? >> it was a mutual, yeah, no feeling it type of thing. >> same with you? >> that's fine. it didn't work out. >> sometimes it doesn't. >> anna, are you then going to get him some sunglasses is that correct an agreed upon? >> she doesn't have to.
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>> ya, if that's what he want, absolutely. i texted back after i sent that text saying i'll be in philly next weekment and i said something along the lines of like if you really want now pair of sunglasses, let me know, whatever. didn't get a response from him. which was casino of shocking. >> why didn't you contact her after 365 days? why didn't you contact her? >> the next week i did sends a text. i don't know if it went through. she may have still block my number. are you in philly, let's get together. >> do you know cosmopolitan pick up this storey? >> tore me apart. >> they ripped you. >> ya. >> let's just wrap it up. >> wrap it up. you can tell it is 6:15 out in san francisco. thanks for getting up and talking to us. >> no problem. thanks for having me. >> bye, anna.
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>> did your what she looks like? >> yes. >> he better remember after year. >> these will do me some good. >> so we gave you sunglasses, here you go. you can now wear these sun glass. >> can't wait. >> specially next weekend when the pope comes. >> can't wait. you're a good sport, man. >> nice to meet you, alex. now what will you do for the next joke with your friends? >> i guess i have to meet another girl at a bar. >> oh, no. if you see him out at a philly bar. >> run for your life. >> thanks, alex. here's sue. >> every pot has a lid. as we always say. that pot, that wasn't the right lid. but it always happens, and come together, i'm sure. all right, you'll need your shades today. we've got temperatures that are all in the six's now, 64, mount pocono, and reading, and pottstown. 69 degrees almost 07 in philadelphia. up to 73 wildwood. zero seven atlantic city. 68 degrees, in wilmington. another glorious day today. and even though they haven't been doing so well against the washington nationals, what else is new?
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>> weather wise, nice night 77 degrees and the game begins. then sunset i should say happens right after the game begins. so temperatures will drop pretty quickly after that. 86 degrees, is our high today. 87 degrees tomorrow. and then 86 friday. now, friday when we see the humidity start to sneak back in. will get sticky saturday. so, these are the last days of summer, folks, by wednesday, of next week. autumn begins. but it will only feel like summer through saturday cold front comes through, maybe few showers, then only 77 degrees on monday, and 75 on tuesday. when it will feel like fall. so guys, that's your seven day forecast, i know were you hanging onto my every word. >> course, always, sue. >> the interesting part was the snowstorm. yes. >> hang on for that. >> hey, lauren, welcome back. >> thank you. >> good to have you watch did you think about that guy texting every day? >> i thought it was casino of
9:18 am
funny. her reaction -- >> she is probably just waking up. >> what would you do if a guy texts dollars you day for a year? >> block him. blocked him the no, ma'am she left the bar. guess he will's latest instagram directed at tom braidy? some think so. are they in marriage trouble? >> well, here is a instagram post t says nobody's perfect. but you can't keep using that as an excuse to do wrong. >> oh,. >> or not try to improve. hum. so everyone is thinking about the fact how tom brady returned to the field after suspension was overturned earlier this month. now taking hit through the deflate gate scandal. but so they've been saying this for awhile. may be done once in all happened. he has come out. he said no, we're good. things are great. >> we're fine. save face. >> we're having trouble actually now guys, because then that would be the next big story. >> let's talk about what's happening week from tonight. >> what's that? >> fox 29 along with about 45
9:19 am
radio stations, power 99, q102, wdas, mix 106. not many people involved. it is big. empire premiere mother at harrah's chester and you're invited. we're coming to chest they are. >> if you want to come do you have rsvp. you have to guys at do you have do it by december 22, the day before. might want to do terrible any case it gets too full. you must be at least 21 years old to come. and make sure you're dressed up. we want to see in you your best lions attire. >> alex somebody on twitter thinks you will make appearance on empire before it is all over. >> i wish, i wish. >> wouldn't that be big? >> oh, i would love that. >> lee, call me. call me. >> is jeremiah here? >> hey, come on in. >> hello. >> oh, my goodness, look at you. what's happening? >> what's up man, how are you doing? >> good to see you. >> too. >> this is lauren. >> how are you doing? >> great. >> hello, hi, nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you guys. >> two need to stand together. >> oh, okay.
9:20 am
>> oh, well, i'm sitting down. >> this side? >> both of us. >> all right. oh, mike. my gosh. so we will talk about you like a movie star. >> i don't know about that. but i was in a movie. >> okay. >> we'll talk about the movie when you come back.
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movie clip (. >> i believe the lord put me here for a reason. >> well, that's a clip from the film, the north star. starring former eagles turned actor jeremiah trotter. movie star. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> you're the starve north star. >> well, i don't know about star, but i had an awesome time shooting the move. >> i yes? >> great experience, different for me being in front of the
9:24 am
camera, from that aspect, and just trying to bring out the different mood swings, the character, each and every day. so it was challenging role, but -- >> what's it about? >> big ben, if real life, about six-ten. and show the journey coming from virginia, him, and co-star, thomas barley, show the journey coming from virginia to predoom to buckingham, pa. and they was going to sell big ben to the south. >> as a slave? >> as a slave. slave was already bad, but no slave wanted to go to the south. and, you know this, he got win of it. and they ran. you know, they ran. and shows a lot of -- a lot of emotional scenes in the movie. some horrific things that happened along the way. and it is a great story. >> emotional. >> how did you get pick for this fill until did you want to be like a movie star? >> no, i never saw myself as an actor, you know, axe man
9:25 am
don't do no action, you know? but i had a great time. i met a lot of great people. the director, did he outstanding job. you know, he really helped me out each and every day, you know, he explained exactly what he wanted. >> no acting lessons at all? >> no acting lessons. >> a natural. >> shooting from the hip. you know, thomas would always bring me in, early, and just casino of wakame you there what he wanted. and, you know, he wrote the film. he knew he can actually what he wanted from the character. >> shot here, pennsylvania? >> yes. >> bucks county? >> bucks county. we was all over the place. there was place like man, how in the world did you find this? i mean, i thought, we needed an atv to get out to some of these places. yes. >> when is the premiere? >> premiers tomorrow. starts at 7:00 at the kimmel center. you can go on line to kimmel purchase your tig et cetera. almost sold out. so make it quick.
9:26 am
>> that's a big time venue. this is a big deal. >> this is very big deal. >> red carpet all of that kind of stuff? >> it will be exciting, man. i'm excited about it. >> you totally ready? >> you guys got to come out, man. >> common the show. >> you watch the game monday knit? >> did i. >> what's the problem? chip kelly yesterday said it was all the about the penalty. >> philly definitely hurt, drop passes hurt the momentum. and i just think atlanta came out, played really good game. specially first half. >> high energy? >> defense, i mean, i can't name maybe two guys on that defense, and those guess really calm out and played hard. >> so many of them are new. >> right. >> how about that catch by kiko? >> amazing play. it could have been 17-zero real quick. but he made a great stop there. i think the defining play came down to in the second half, eagles win on great run, scored touchdown. and the eagles defense had him back upright, not sure, had him back up and it was 30-15.
9:27 am
and they ran the draw play. that hurt them bad. they had the mow tentum. that would have been atlanta defense right back on the field. >> let me ask you this question. are the ring eels else the second half or first half of the game? >> second half. no question. they got off to slow start i think and fortunately they went in, made adjustment. so -- >> but we can't do with the cowboys? >> you can't afford to start slow in this game. gout start fast, finish strong. >> how do you stop penalties by the way, just harmed on that yesterday, you just go stop. >> you have to be more conscious. you got to work on that at practice, good habits, hopefully that carries over to the game. >> good to see you. >> good seeing you guys. >> the north star. >> see you on the red carpet tomorrow. >> all right. >> thought i would never say that to the axe man. 9:27. >> group of nuns with a special job before the pope comes to town. they are baking 100,000 hosts for the mass. quincy tells us how they noon get this all done in time. because it is next week.
9:28 am
>> they better hurry un. that's next. let's clear the air.
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9:31. >> okay jeremiah we're glad you can stay with us. during the commercial break we're chatting it up having a good time. we just fund something very big. did you guys know, within of the jeremiah trotter's favorite movies, go ahead ape say it. >> pretty woman. >> yes. >> have after all these years, you know i believe that is a horrible film and we're now going to debate this because believe it or not richard gear, star of the film, is in philadelphia, and we will be talking to him tomorrow. so let's get this out because i need to practice because i am going to confront richard
9:32 am
gear tomorrow. >> why do you like press would i man why is it your favorite movie. >> i love the story. it is a love story. obviously the the lady, her profession of choice, you wouldn't want your daughter to do that but it is a movie. in movies you have to look past all that and look at the bigger picture, and it was great. i fell in love with julia roberts a at that time. >> i bet you did. >> don't get it the twisted the two left, i'm still the ax man. >> mike, your rebuttal. >> but, okay, i have two daughters. >> okay. >> their mother loved the movie just like you, one of her favorite films. the at a very young age they started watching it at home. so they are five and six years old these kid, probably shouldn't have been watching it at all. they don't know it is a movie, they think it is part of the real life. so, julia roberts, gorgeous, and, intelligent, sophisticated, somewhat, and
9:33 am
nice, and this is the only thing that she can come up with, to make some money to pay the rent, a street hooker. >> but it is a teaching lesson also. >> how. >> you can teach your girls listen, everybody makes mistakes in life. there will be choices you may not be proud of, that comes along, but you have an opportunity to right those choices, she had an opportunity to right her choices and she -- >> she righted her choice peace you this really rich guy jumped in. >> just find a rich man, you will be all right. >> she had an opportunity to take money off the bed. >> that is true. >> and she says, frame by frame. >> she walk out, he noticed, she did not take the the money, he said you know what, this is not the the personally thought that she was. she's someone very special. >> she could get lots of money, is there more where it came from. >> i think she was in love.
9:34 am
and she didn't take money. >> i'll give you that. i think she did fall in love. >> are you hopeless romantic. >> i'm still the ax man. >> i guess that is a yes then you like chick flicks. >> yeah, i mean, i love sweet home alabama, delaware proda, that is one of my favorite movies. >> yeah. >> ann hathaway. >> great movie merrill streep. >> yes. >> don't say the notebook have have you ever seen that. >> i have seen the notebook. >> yes. >> it is better than delaware proda. >> big opening love story, and it sound like you love love stories. >> go see the notebook. >> yes. >> i am like anything but scary movies. >> i don't like them either. >> thanks for the the debate. >> okay. >> we are so excited for chris angel's new show the super
9:35 am
naturalist they are coming to philadelphia, nine of the best illusionist in the world. >> we will create a little magic right here in the good day studio this morning. >> okay. >> hi, land on, good to see you, i'm mike. jeremiah. >> good to see you as well. >> hello. >> will you make something appear and disappear. >> absolutely.
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
okay. we have a great show that is coming to the tower theater october the 17th, and, landon good to see you here. >> thank you very much. >> landon swank. >> thank you what do you call your self.
9:39 am
>> an illusion is in. >> nine of the best at the tower theater, ebb chris angel will be there. >> yes, well, he jumps in, every show that we have, and sometimes he makes guest appearances. >> he can be anywhere in the world. >> yes. >> doing his thing. >> it is a great idea, and live nation one of the sponsors is putting this on. i'm so glad they brought it to philadelphia. it is october 17th. what can you do for us,. >> i have a deck of card. i can show you something for sure. we do have different magicians in the show. they have big stuff. mentallist, close-up a artist from spain, who is phenomenal, manipulator from france. >> yes. >> by the way, if you were, saw a promo, we were supposed to have another one of your collogues, on today because he does all of these weird stunts, and he almost killed himself before. what happened to him yesterday. >> spencer horseman is our
9:40 am
escape artist. we were doing something in new jersey outside the state theater. he does an awesome sort of new revolutionary under water escape a tribute to hugh dean difficult a hundred years ago. >> water. >> so he was trying to take it to the next level. he has been working on this for months and months now. it is just one of those things every once in a while something does go wrong but because of how serious it is, a few things, can certainly go wrong. >> this is, back in the day, yes. >> a few months ago. >> yes, they had to get up there, tear it down, bust open the glass because he would drawn. >> he completely blackout on that. >> is he okay. >> he is. i talk to him this morning. we will try to get him to make trip out but decided to let him rest. >> this shows how real this is, what you are doing and dangerous. >> especially stuff like that. there is no covers, there is nothing that hides him. so, that is the scary but great thing about what he does
9:41 am
it is very real. >> holds his breath for almost five minutes. >> i will not hurt you, nothing like that. >> don't hurt yourself. >> perfect. >> it is a regular deck of card. you can see they are all different. ace through king, what i want to you do is reach in the middle and pull out one card for me. >> okay. >> and then put that face up so camera can see it and sign your name. >> don't look. >> grab that marker and sign your name nice and big. >> okay. >> so you can recognize it when you see it again. i will show you difference between magic and manipulation. let that dry for a second. put that queen of diamond on top of the deck. we will cut and shuffle a couple of times. magic verse manipulation it looks lake these card are being shuffled but in reality, stay face down those card do not get milk at all. so that card you signed that queen of diamond will stay on top of the deck. both of your hand face up on the table. in manipulation.
9:42 am
magic looks difference. put your other hand face down on top and hold nice and tight. i will grab the next card and take two of hearts, now watch real closely. this happens very quick. >> oh, my god. >> when you get the urge open up your hand. >> open up your hand. >> my god. >> wow. >> there you go. >> that is pretty cool. >> that is mild compared to what you will see. >> so, phenomenal big illusions you are cool. >> i appreciate that. >> okay. that was really cool. believe it or not, i don't know if you know this or not, sue serio has been practicing her illusion technique and she has a trick to show you. >> okay. >> all of you at home she will make well something appear. >> i may disappear at least
9:43 am
these two people holding it up. >> does this have to do with the sue's clues. >> we are about to reveal our big announcement, our final clue and the trick, it is all coming up next
9:44 am
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welcome back everybody. it is 9:45. all morning long at 6:00 o'clock this morning, sue's clues for this big
9:46 am
announcement. so here is your final clue: are you ready? does this have to do with a paddle, or gold or chatty kathy. it is time for your trick now, sue. >> now, landon to come in and give me advice. now landon how can i make this all happen. >> well, i'm not so used to doing magic this much on the spot. >> okay. >> well, it looks like you have, the handle, the broom, and, the shower curtain. >> that is right. >> we are low budget. >> i like that. >> all right. >> so big hand gestures. i will start with that. >> look at the the camera. >> give meehan idea what you will do. >> focus your powers right there. >> okay. >> high powers. >> that is very nice. >> accent wait it. >> beautiful. >> okay. >> my powers, ready for the
9:47 am
big announcement. you said it was a paddle, it was gold, and it was chatty kathy? it is all of the kathy orr. >> hey. >> welcome to fox 29. >> it was amazing. >> so, welcome aboard. >> thank you, thank you. >> and there is mike and alex. >> that is the trick. >> my goodness. >> so nice to meet you. >> i watch you guys every morning. >> well, good. >> i watch you all summer down the shore. >> yes. >> i said i've got to join that bunch. >> yes. >> you guys have known each other a long time. this will be special. i'm so excited you are here. >> we are all beginning this sunday and i can't wait for that. >> when will you you be on the air. >> i'm starting sunday evening, i believe i will check with the big boss over
9:48 am
there. >> yes. >> boss says sunday. >> football thingy. >> yes. >> i'm just so happy to continue my career here in philadelphia at fox 29. >> yes. >> now we've got you. >> and we're in the broadcast hall of fame, together. >> that is correct. >> well, this is a perfect storm. we have sue serio in the morning and kathy orr at night doing the weather five and ten. >> yes, kathy knows how to make an entrance, not only with the shower curtain but also, you know, the the way to our hearts. >> yes. >> where is eddie. >> yes, eddie. >> one of my new bf thef's here at fox 29. >> yes. >> and these are here. >> very nice. >> you don't go to someone's home. >> i love it. >> thank you very much. >> double doughnut bob here this morning, so i have to do something. >> i like you you already.
9:49 am
>> yes. >> we like being here. >> that would be pretty easy. >> yes. >> really excited. can't wait, guys. so happy to continue here in philadelphia. >> we will be here sunday night. i will not have that kind of entrance, unfortunately every night but i will work. >> by the way, you look really good. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> gorgeous. >> cheers. >> thank you. >> welcome. >> welcome. >> kathy orr, welcome to fox 29. >> we will be right back.
9:50 am
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9:53 am
i don't know if they did this to convince think morning, but quincy is in langhorne, right. >> um-hmm. >> quincy, you were watching, nuns make communion hosts for the pope's visit, hi. >> yes, real sisters. we have sister ann, how are you doing. >> great. >> we will get through the the process quickly. you made communion bread for the pope. >> we made 100,000 hosts for pope francis mass. >> what is the process. >> first step is mixing which is just flour and water and we milk it two minutes per bucket. >> is what next. >> next, we bake them. >> the sisters puts the batter
9:54 am
on to the the stove, right over here. she's cleaning the stove, she has already poured it but sister is billes pouring some out right there. >> yes. >> it will open up in about 30 seconds. she will have a fresh baked piece with a host and then later we will cut from that sheet. >> you made a hundred thousand for the pope's visit. how long does it take you to do that whole process. >> it is about a in but we have stretched it over two months because we have our regular order too. >> so, the designs we see. >> we see the designs are imprinted on the bread. we are in the using it today. you can see gravings there so when it opens up it is imprinted on the bread. >> after we leave this room. >> we go to the cutting room right here, and sister teresa is cutting some bread right here, making some, she's taking those sheets that she previously bake and dampened and with this press she cuts
9:55 am
35 at a time so that is 70 and she cut seven times to make one bag and these trays each represent a bag of hosts. >> we were telling me you guys check for some stuff. >> we go through as you can see this one is crack. these two are crack. this one has too much oil and bad marks. if they are over cook. we go through and we take those out, we replace them and once they are dried a little bit then we bag them and then we seal them on this machine. >> you guys do all this here. >> we do all this here every morning monday through friday and end product is this bag, here. this is what it looks like at the end when we are finishing ceiling the bag. >> how many bags do you make a day. >> we make about 28 bags a day, about 7,000. >> you have been here for 17 years. >> yes, yes. >> do you think i can jump in and help you guys out. >> unfortunately you the wrong gender, we only take women, i am or toy break your heart.
9:56 am
>> all right. >> this is pretty cool. a hundred thousand for the pope, for when the pope comes here he will be eating these right here. >> these are just like the ones we will have for the pope, exactly. >> and then after that we do ship out, our next room we pack and ship them. >> this is a full operation over there. >> as you can see here sister eaton is preparing order for shipping. they are going out today. and this is what it looks like we start to pack them. we will put the bread in here. that is a vendor's bread. not the ones we make. these are ones we make. the white ones. we put them in the box like this and we put packing on the side and close it up. >> sister ann thanks very much. this is a full operation. back to you in the studio. >> i think you can eat them because they have in the been blessed if you want to see what they taste like. >> i thought that but i didn't want to -- i didn't want to go
9:57 am
there. maybe i can eat it, yeah, you just never know. >> yes. >> then e-mail, quincy is eat something bread i shouldn't have ate. >> it isn't blessed yet. do i time to do this? well, okay. ariana grande -- put up pictures. she's imitating before it the any spears and cristina aguilara. >> that is fantastic, that is cristina. >> amazing.
9:58 am
>> so good. >> okay. we will see you back here tomorrow for more surprises.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> live from new york city, it's the "the wendy williams show." >> how you do in? >> the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect, have several. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. >> say it like you mean it, shout it out. >> now, here's wendy! [ applause ] ♪ >> wendy: right back at you. [ applause ] ♪ >> wendy: i love it. thank you for watching! [ applause ]


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